How Heroic Now Generated 50 Webinar Registrations Per Month With YouTube Ads

One of the most competitive markets for software tools is web design platforms. Heroic Now was a software company based in the UK that had ambitious growth plans for their web design platform.

This platform does everything from connecting your custom domain, designing your website landing pages, blog, contact form, etc. The difference with Heroic Now is that they focus exclusively on the coaching and consulting industry.

The Challenge

One of the challenges in this niche is creating a funnel that’s profitable. The cost-per-click is so high that the end result of the conversion value needs to be high enough to at least break even. Considering there are so many advertisers in this niche, we needed to find a way to increase the value of the product and differentiate from the competition.

The Strategy

The strategy for this campaign was to go with a webinar and sell a high-ticket annual package with bonuses included. This strategy would help us generate leads and convert those leads with a higher conversion value.

The price for the package was going to be $399 after presenting a price drop during the close of the webinar.

For a traffic channel, we used YouTube ads. This channel was perfect for the webinar because we could invite YouTube viewers from web design and marketing segments to the attend webinar. After the webinar we pitched them the package.

The Results


increase in weekly leads


increase in monthly revenue from webinar sales


of personalized videos delivered

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