How To Get Tons Of FREE TRAFFIC Using Fiverr Gigs


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where anyone can buy services or "gigs" in a variety of different categories. The site has gained a lot of popularity over the years and gets nearly 56 millions visits per month which means it's a great source for generating free traffic and leads.

If you're marketing your business online, you can use Fiverr gigs to showcase your products and services.

Create Your Low-Ticket Gig

The strategy to generate FREE traffic is very simple.

You can create a "low-ticket" gig so that you can start generating interest and leads in the front-end of your funnel. You can do this with a low cost consultation. 

By creating a low cost consultation, you give your prospects that chance to purchase something from you and become your client. Once they become your client and order your consultation, you can up-sell them your other products and services at a higher cost. (This is also known as a "tripwire".)

Here's how to create your low-ticket gig:

  • Offer 3 tiers of price points ($5, $15, $30)
  • Include an image of you and your results
  • In the description, tell people about the gig and your bio
  • Add a few FAQ questions to answer common questions

You'll also want to optimize your profile in Fiverr and include your logo and a description about your business.

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