How To Promote Affiliate Products With Cold Emails

When you're reaching out to prospects to generate leads and new business, it's important to have the right messaging.

Most marketers and sales development reps approach their campaign in the wrong way. They use messaging that's too sales focused and doesn't highlight the benefits that their prospects actually want.

Instead of pitching prospects your core offer with your outreach campaign, you can use it to make a recommendation of an affiliate product.

Why promote an affiliate product?

There are tons of reasons you should be promoting an affiliate product in your outreach campaign instead of your core offer.

The first reason is that these offers are usually low-ticket subscriptions which means the prices range from $10/m to $100/m. This makes it easy for your new leads to convert and it also brings you recurring commissions.

The other reason is that when you use an affiliate offer from a marketplace, these offers are already proven and usually have testimonials and case studies. That means you don't need to create your own proof that the product works and you can leverage the case studies from the vendor of that offer.

Where to find affiliate offers? 

There are many affiliate marketplaces you can join to find affiliate offers, including Clickbank, Squaredance, or MaxBounty

The one I would recommend for software offers would be Partnerstack.


Once you have access to an affiliate marketplace you can find different offers and get affiliate links.

Create your outreach campaign

To create your outreach campaign you can use a tool like Snov or Apollo.

The first step is to set up your campaign and select the email you want to send from.

Next you want to create a series of emails that peak the curiosity of your prospects and invite them to book a demo. Your emails should highlight the key benefits for your prospects.

Here's an example email template you can use that contrasts your solution with a competitor...


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