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Webinar Blueprint

Webinar Blueprint

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Are you tired of "booking calls" with prospects and spending tons of time on consultations only to find out that at the end they don't want to buy your product?

Instead of selling 1-to-1 where it's just you and the prospect, imagine if you could build a funnel that does the selling for you?

In this course, you will learn how to build a high converting webinar funnel that will help you finally scale your business to $100k per month or more! 💸

You'll learn how to go from 1-to-1 selling to 1-to-Many selling and not only generate a high volume of new leads, but also qualify can convert those leads into a new customers week after week.

Here's the course content:

✔️ The webinar blueprint strategy

✔️ Designing a high-converting webinar presentation

✔️ Constructing a 7-figure webinar funnel

✔️ Scalable traffic strategies to promote your webinar

✔️ 4 special offers your can run during your webinar

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